This is what teachers think of our products.

“Impressed with the simplicity of the layout. Very child-friendly and with a good variety of extension activities. I particularly liked the sections focused on increasing vocabulary and extending reading matter to newspapers and magazines.”

Daryl Slade

Literacy Co-ordinator

Wendover Junior School

“These Reading Record booklets are more of learning tools and not just a record of what has been read.”

Sue Haley


Delves Lane Country Junior School

“Children enjoy the range of writing frames. They help structure their ideas and develop reflective skills to shape their understanding.”

Emma Brooke

Literacy Co-ordinator

St Mary’s Junior School

“The children have really enjoyed adding their own comments. Many of them look forward to writing their opinions (some are brutally honest!) and it has been a good opportunity to move the children forward from “I liked it” to be able to give reasons, think of aspects, descriptions they liked and even alternate endings.”

Ann MacLachlan

Senior Teacher/Literacy Co-ordinator

Priors Wood Primary

“KS1 staff have found the Reading Record booklet easy to organise and fun to use. The children have enjoyed filling in their ‘special book’ and it has encouraged them to think more carefully about the story they have read.”

Liz Caldwell

Literacy Co-ordinator

Hillside Avenue Primary School

“Comments such as these are more motivating for the children and helpful for teachers. Very useful for Early Years and KS1 parents.”

Ann MacLachlan

Deputy Headteacher

Priors Wood Primary School

“The journals give a voice to the children and involve them in their own learning. They give an overall purpose to reading and bring together the key skills of reading, writing and comprehension.”

Rob Burney


Bunessan Primary School, Isle of Mull

“It has focused tasks that can be used at school as well as at home. It conveys to the parents that reading goes beyond the literal.”

Sandra Clay

Literacy Coordinator

Lincewood Primary

“This resource has had a positive impact. It facilitates a purposeful dialogue between home and school.”

P. A. Willetts


Tividale Hall Primary

I have been using Dynamo-maths for some years now and wouldn’t be without it-it is embedded our screening and assessment routine.


  • It has an assessment tool which is quick and easy to administer (Less than a third of the time compared to conventional paper-based tests)
  • The assessment tool highlights precise areas of strength and difficulty an individual may have in an easy-to-read visual format; ranging from traits of dyscalculia through to more commonly found mathematical misconceptions.
  • The programme generates easy-to-follow-bespoke learning activities which can be extended by printing paper-based consolidation exercises.
  • It eases pressure on staff planning and resourcing as it is an all-in-one resource generating bespoke learning schemes.
  • Pupil gain confidence in mathematics due to the way the programme gradually expands conceptual understanding and proficiency.
  • A record of individual progress informs teachers and parents.
  • Easy to use in school and at home; it has been particularly welcomed by parents during the pandemic when they are grappling with the complexities of home learning: They find Dynamo-maths easy to administer and many pupil can work on the activities autonomously.
  • The programme has a reward and motivation element. ‘Ben’ – A year two pupils said, “I like it when we do Dynamo-maths and I like getting certificates when I do well”.

I can recommend Dynamo-maths without hesitation. It is comprehensive resource I have come to rely upon.

A visiting OFSTED Inspector commented: “It is refreshing to see a school routinely screening for dyscalculia- an area often overlooked”.

George Law

Inclusion Manager

Dawn Hall Primary School

“Dynamo Maths has been excellent with our SEN pupils. In one year a pupil with SEN, including Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, has doubled his maths results.  This is down to good differentiated quality teaching in his maths classes but also down to the use of the Dynamo Maths Programme. We have rolled the programme out to other children at the school and it is proving popular with pupils, teachers and their parents.”

Yvette Unsworth

Head of Learning Support and Extension

“What a fantastic resource! The interactivity and feedback to the children is instant, they are not waiting for the teacher to mark their work and return it to them the next day with a target. As a Headteacher it has been a wonderful resource, allowing the school to react quickly to identify areas of need, but most importantly it is extremely cost effective. Whenever I see children using e-assessment or e-skills they work independently and instantly find using it enjoyable.”

Chris Jukes

Mount Pleasant Lane JMI & N School

“Each child can work at their own level. It is extremely useful in saving the teacher’s time as it automatically records each child’s score. The e-skills software is particularly useful for reinforcing.”

Cherry Robinson

ICT Co-ordinator, St Pauls & All Hallows

I trialled the Number Bonds and Fractions software on my students and found the format extremely easy to use. The non-fussy layout without constant animation, targeted the children’s desire to be more grown up. The principle that all students achieve success, rather than failure also enabled the students not only to select a time that they were comfortable with, but also that they were able to go back and correct errors.”

Meriel Pearson

SENCO, Dyson Perrins

“Number Bonds has good graphics, colouring, calm air. The ticks are instant (which, as with the others is very helpful). Because of the progressive nature of this programme and the logical presentation of ‘add 1’ or ‘add 10’ etc. this would be very helpful to me. The language is always encouraging and motivating.”

Pam Dobson

SpLD Teacher, Potters Bar. Herts

“Thank you so much for the Integrated Learning Software. I was very impressed with the content and presentation. It’s very easy to use.”

SENCO, SW1X - London

“I really liked the JellyJames software. I’ve been trying it out with the children in my class and its great. It means that instead of testing them on a one-one basis, they can work at their own pace. I think you’ve really got something here- a programme that allows children to keep a record of their improvements and at the same time get statistical information in the form of bar graph which they can understand. The best test of any software is to give it to the children and if after a week, they still want to use it then it rates as a success. They still want to use it!”

Jonathan Paine

AST Rustington Primary School

“Excellent preparation for end of year test. The children responded very well and enjoyed the e-assessment software. it kept them on task.”

Linda Sankey

Year 2 teacher/Senior teacher, Grimoldby Primary Primary School

“ICT at its best. Why should the learning of Clock be different from learning Times-Tables. My numeracy hour is fun and the buzz that class gets from using the JellyJames software is tremendous. The scores inform the child and they want to keep perfecting their responses. The empowering feedback always brings a heart felt smile. JellyJames software has truly appreciated the needs of the class teacher!”

Mrs Adat Shenley

JMI Primary School

“Very comprehensive and excellent value for money. Great ICT vehicle to test the knowledge and understanding of each pupil in class.”

Head Teacher, Hertfordshire

“An easy to administer test, which gives feedback on the performance with results presented in levels of attainment. A good coverage of the topics in the National Numeracy Strategy.”

Maths Head of Department

“Ideal software for Springboard. We have used the Target Assessments software to assess students at the begining of the year and established their level of attainments very easily using the level recording facility.”

Maths Teacher

“I found the use of time-based performance allowed me to make quick informed decisions on the students achievement.”

N. Somani

SEN, Copthall School

“The JellyJames software has proved a real treat for my class. As soon as I have taught a particular clock concept, the children test their understanding through the software. Once the class has reached a level of competency, the application to the concepts through problems is tackled. The other interesting features to the software are that the software has so many sub-modules all put together in one CD. I know of companies that sell each of these modules separately, making the software very expensive for schools. My children like to see the simple easy to read graphs which tells them, how long they took with the questions and their scores. You can guess, they are constantly striving to score as high a mark in minimum time. The random questions offered by the software gives me the comfort of knowing that they are not working on the same questions all the time. At the end of the session, I can print a summary of the class results and print out the scores on graphs for each child. This helps tremendously with my record keeping. The colour used on the software is tidy and clear, making the interface with young children friendly. The verbal feedback is calm and reassuring. My students think JellyJames is very clever at finding out that they haven’t attempted any questions. I have used the software with my Year 2’s and now with Year 5’s, without purchasing new modules. The software covers clock skills expected from Reception to Year 6 competently and takes an in-depth understanding of the teachers requirements in class.”

Mrs Adat

Year 5 and 6 teacher at Shenley Primary

“We found the Number Bonds fun to do. The mental calculation was great! JellyJames CD’s are wonderful to work with.”

School and Home based activities, Hertfordshire

“The clock software is a fun way to learn the time. I did not learn time until I was eight or nine but my six year old is getting there!”

School and Home based activities, Hertfordshire

“Your products for Maths are of a very high standard for the pupils with special needs.”

Gerda Jensen

Special Needs Consultant

“We found the Number Bonds fun to do. The mental calculation was great!. JellyJames software are wonderful to work with.”

School and Home based activities, Hertfordshire

“I am interested in offering this tool to parents, so that children have a tool to test their learning, once the chanting of times table is over.”

Teacher, Nottingham


If you wish to share your experiences of using the JellyJames e-Skills and e-Assessment software with other teachers, please email: or contact us with your feedback on 0203-113-2066