No child with dyscalculia will ever go unnoticed

Dynamo Maths is an award-winning and evidence-based programme addresses the needs of children struggling with maths and not making age related progress. The online standardised assessment and its triple pathway intervention supports children at-risk of developmental dyscalculia and those who need to catch-up.


Raising numeracy skills for adults, organisations and secondary schools

DynamoPost14 is an online Dyscalculia assessment. It profiles the dyscalculia symptoms and maths developmental delays using the research and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework. The profile identifies specific areas of strength and weakness with recommendations for the assessors and interventionists. Assessment mapped to the Functional Skills framework (E1, E2, E3, L1, L2).


Developing confident, independent, readers and writers

Provider of the largest selection of Reading, Spelling & Homework diaries. The Reading Record & Learning Tools diaries and the Alpine diaries are differentiated by year group (EYFS -Year 6). Spelling Diaries with fun activities will make spelling learning engaging. Over 45 cost effective diaries – You will be spoilt for choice!


Securing number sense & maths for every deaf & hard of hearing child

Deaf and hard of hearing children can now access a whole school maths programme (EYFS to Year 6) in their own linguistic background – British Sign Language (BSL). Language is critical in the development of maths skills and Puffin Maths integrates models, images and simulation to bring numbers, vocabulary and maths alive.


Developing & Supporting children’s number memory agility

The ability to calculate in the head is an essential skill in managing everyday events. Number memory relies on a recruiting a range working memory components and through weekly practice children can listen, recall, calculate and use a range of methods and approaches using graduated short periods of time.

MySchool TESTS

Time-saving way of creating, setting and marking maths tests

Supports teachers to instantly identify gaps in learning in maths through a bank of on-line questions. The program supports teacher-based assessments for each year group and emulates the SATs format. Schedule assessment and set it for homework and measure both before and after progress instantly.