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Dynamo Maths
Dynamo Maths is a structured intervention to support children with developmental dyscalculia. Purposefully developed for children receiving intervention but not making age appropriate progress.



Dynamo Profiler
Dynamo Profiler
Dyscalculia Assessment tool that detects developmental dyscalculia and maths delays using the researched NumberSenseMMR framework. It provides an intervention plan with a Scheme of Work.



Reading Records
Provider of the largest selection of Homework, Reading and Spelling diaries. View or request samples and order your school diaries. Differentiated dieries for each year groups, with learning tools mapped to the curriculum.



Multi-Step Maths
Multi-Step Maths has 650 plus step by step on-line activities and worksheets that ensure the development of core Primary Maths skills
Ideal for KS1 and KS2. Ideal as whole school provision for reinforcement and practise.



Intervention Support

SEN Numeracy Support

UKFlag Code of Practice
Dynamo Profiler - Dynamo Maths

USAFlag RtI - Response to Intervention
Problem - Gather Data - Plan - Monitor
Dynamo Profiler - Dynamo Math



Digital Tests Platform
MySchoolTests has over 1000 Digital Questions that emulate the 2016 Tests (Arithmetic and Contextual) and SATs. Teacher can create or use ready made tests. All tests are marked, scored with instant gap analysis reported.


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